What is Multi-Systemic Therapy?

One of the therapeutic approaches that we use here at Discovery and Wellness Counseling is Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST). MST focuses on systems within the teenagers or adolescence life in an effort to address substance abuse, self-esteem issues, defiance, isolation, and mood disorders (anxiety and depression). It is an intensive treatment designed to decrease family fighting, failing grades, low structure and family disconnection.

MST is an evidence-based treatment, meaning that studies have proven EFT to be an effective treatment approach, shown to effectively make change and improve the quality of life for not only the adolescence, but also for the whole family. We work with you to develop an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan addressing the stressors currently occurring in the home, utilizes the strengths in each of the systems affecting the teen to facilitate change and growth.

Systems addressed include:

  • Family
  • Peers /Friends
  • Academic/ School
  • Neighbors
  • Community Resources (employment/volunteer)

Benefits and Outcomes from Multi Systemic Therapy:

  • Improve communication and connection as a family
  • Increase parenting tools
  • Involve teen in positive activities such as sports or clubs
  • Create a support network for the teen and their family
  • Increased Self –Esteem for Adolescent

If you are struggling with your teen and feel counseling may be beneficial, feel free to explore the Discovery & Wellness Counseling website at www.discoveryandwellnesscounseling.com or call Heidi Brouelette MA. LPC. (480-677-9913) for a free phone consultation.