Individual Relationship Counseling


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  • Is strain and disconnection in your relationship making you feel lonely and unsure of your worth?
  • Do you fear that your partner doesn’t care about you or that your relationship may be coming to an end?
  • While your partner is physically there, does the lack of intimacy and communication often make you feel like you are living with a roommate rather than with someone you love?
  • Is your partner gone all the time, either at work, with friends or some other place that he or she won’t tell you about?
  • Are you struggling to trust your partner after a betrayal?
  • Do you feel as though you and your partner only talk when you are fighting?
  • Are you looking for a way to work through your relationship issues without your partner?
  • Do you wish there was a way for you to feel secure, safe and loved in your relationship?

If You Feel Lonely in Your Relationship, You Are Not Alone

Many people feel unheard, invisible or uncomfortable in their relationships. Some feel as though they never had time to fully understand themselves as individuals before committing to life with another person. Others feel like they end up losing a valuable part of themselves when they commit to another. Maybe you once felt happy or content in your relationship, but recently discovered that your partner is not the person you thought he or she was. You may suspect that your partner is not being honest with you, but he or she avoids your questions or accuses you of being crazy when you try to bring up your concerns. When relationship issues emerge, many people feel as though they do not quite know what is real.

The good news is that there is hope and help. Because tension, conflict or secrets can be very harmful to anyone’s self-worth and self-confidence, individual relationship counseling is great option for people looking to start working on their relationship. With help and support, you can feel heard, validated and hopeful about the future of your relationship.

Individual Relationship Counseling Can Help You Create Healing And Harmony With Your Partner

individual relationship therapy counseling phoenix scottsdale

At Discovery & Wellness Counseling, your caring, supportive and nonjudgmental therapist can help you begin to understand that your thoughts, feelings, fears and worries are all perfectly normal. Your experience is important, and in sessions, your therapist can help you develop greater confidence and self-worth so that you feel empowered to speak up for yourself in your relationship. If you are feeling lost and unsure about your future, your therapist can help your identify your values, needs and desires. You can also learn effective skills and tools needed to thoughtfully communicate important thoughts and feelings to your partner. Rather than feeling embarrassment and disappointment, you can feel affirmed, strong and secure.

Discovery & Wellness Counseling utilizes emotionally focused therapy (EFT), which has been shown to improve 90 percent of relationships. During individual relationship counseling, your therapist can help you develop a better understanding of the dynamics in your relationship, including the ways in which you, as an individual, respond to certain situations. You can learn how to manage the feelings of overwhelm, hurt and anxiety that might feel out of control right now. By developing healthy, productive tools to communicate with your partner, you can effectively address issues in your relationship while restoring peace and balance within yourself.

As you begin to understand your role in the relationship, you can take positive steps to shift the ways you and your partner interact. In sessions, you will have the space to grow into who you are, practice using your own voice and feel empowered to communicate what you want so that your experience is heard and validated. When one partner in a relationship changes, the other piece will necessarily respond and change. Your partner can begin to see the ways you have grown and developed. Through individual relationship counseling, you can shift the dynamics of your relationship while finding empowerment, confidence and joy in yourself. You can begin to feel positive about your role in your relationship and embrace your life as a whole.

You may believe that individual relationship counseling can help you believe in yourself and your relationship, but still have questions or concerns...

My relationship involves two people. How can individual relationship counseling change anything? 

If one person in a relationship is willing to try something different, the entire relationship dynamic can shift and change. The communication and emotional management skills you develop and practice during sessions can impact how you and your partner interact, connect and resolve conflict. By working on yourself and identifying your values, boundaries and needs, you can become a good role model for your partner. You can show that your well-being and the relationship’s well-being is important and worth time and effort. While you cannot change another person, you can shift the way you and your partner interact for the better.

I don’t want to bring up the idea of therapy to my partner.

Many people feel afraid that their partners will belittle them or judge them if they introduce the idea of therapy. However, with individual relationship counseling, you do not need to ask your partner to join you in sessions. As you begin to come to counseling on your own, you can discover the strength and self-assurance you need to work through fear and anxiety. With direction and clarity about the issues in your relationship, you can feel stronger and more available in your interactions with your partner. And, you can feel more capable of asking for the things you need to feel heard, appreciated and loved.

I think that my relationship is over.

If you are daydreaming about leaving your relationship, you owe it to yourself to give therapy a try. At a certain point, you made a decision to be with your partner. If you value your commitment to your relationship, we encourage you to give individual relationship counseling a try. There is hope for you to create positive change and feel connected again. You and your partner can find healing and peace.

At Discovery & Wellness Counseling, we can help you discover what you need from your relationship and your life. Individual relationship counseling can help you find personal growth, confidence and strength. Change is possible.



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