What is Emotionally Focused Therapy?

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is an Evidence Based Treatment Model developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. EFT identifies recurring negative patterns in relationships and helps couples and families learn how to repair relational injuries. It has been shown to decrease relational distress and disconnection by using early attachment bonds to understand current relational patterns. The goal of EFT is to help couples learn how to repair relational wounds and increase accessibility, responsiveness and engagement within the couple ship and family system. Benefits of using an Evidenced Based Treatment, minimizes the length and cost of treatment, while maximizing benefits to you and your family.

Fast facts about EFT:

  • Generally short-term (typically 8 to 20 sessions)
  • Highly collaborative approach
  • Works for a wide range of relationship issues
  • Between 70 and 75% of couples move from distress to recovery
  • About 90% of couples exhibit significant relationship improvement

Ask your self:

  • Are you and your partner increasingly at odds?
  • Do you find yourself feeling emotionally isolated & alone?
  • Perhaps, you find yourself holding onto resentments that get in the way of enjoying your partner, family and relationships?

Do you find yourself asking?

  • Do I really matter to you?
  • How committed are you to our relationship?
  • Can I trust you?
  • Do you really love me?

If you answered yes, to any of these, EFT may be a good choice for you. Here at Discovery & Wellness Counseling, it is our goal to help you increase authentic communication, identify negative relational patterns, and learn how to effectively express your emotions in order to heal and reconnect to those most important to you.

Are you struggling in your relationship? If you feel counseling may be beneficial feel free to explore the Discovery & Wellness Counseling website at www.discoveryandwellnesscounseling.com or call Heidi Brouelette MA. LPC. (480-677-9913) for a free phone consultation.