How To Use Visualization As A Tool For Mindfulness

Have you ever intentionally tried the visualization tool? To help you understand how to put it into practical use, I am sharing with you a personal experience I had. During a camp-out in a tall Ponderosa pine forest with my family, I decided this beautiful mountain range would be a idyllic place to put visualization into practice. I laid down underneath the forest canopy and started to visualize "success," but my mind started to wander on to another trail of thought...Oops! As soon as I realized this, I purposefully told myself, “get back to visualizing.” Then it came to me...In my attempt at visualizing, I came to the awareness that I have achieved my goals that I had set to accomplish starting back in 2014, and I discovered that my current sense of treading water is due to not having more clearly defined goals for various facets of my life. The wonderful thing about visualization is that you rehearse and see in your mind what you desire. This visualization makes it easier to accomplish the goal or task, because you have already practiced it in your mind!! So, stay tuned for the next blog post about how to specifically focus on the various facets of life one at a time, i.e. being a parent, a partner, your career, etc.